love embedded deep in your eyes…

Love embedded

deep in your eyes.

Its depths drown

my dreams,

making me feel alive.


dusk settles in…

Dusk settles in
my mind awakes.
Tired eyes
can not sleep.
Shadows of you
play on the walls.
Dreams of you haunt me
from dusk until dawn.

although our paths….

Although our paths
briefly crossed.
Every detail
is etched
deep inside my heart.


Silence for a moment

words fail the heavy heart.

Eyes looking downward

for some courage

or a sign.

Holding my breath

that your hand will find mine.

some hearts….

Some hearts
never escape
childhood dreams
love’s first kiss
broken promises
love’s despair.
Holding onto the hope
you will always be there.



Time can never erase
the memories of you
that hold fast to my heart.


Let go my heart….

Let go my heart
of days gone past.
Scattered dreams
not meant to last.
Tears have dried
and love awaits
with no restraints
and no regrets.