Monthly Archives: March 2014


Promises of a future

cover up the failures

of her past.

Seed of hope

embedded in her heart

amidst the chaos of life.


She could not conceal…

She could not conceal

the happiness in her heart.

The love she gave

was the beauty

from within herself.


Late nights..

Late nights.

Open hearts.

Words spoken.

Feelings exposed.

Early mornings.

Tinge of regret.

Wondering if the

other remembers

the confessions

of the night before.

She laughed..

She laughed as she

put her glass down.

He leaned in closer

and put his hand on hers.

He could not remember

exactly what she said.

The warmth of her smile

made him forget everything.



Time sharpens

every memory by

intensifying the joy

and dimming the misery.

“It was in look…

“It was in looking up at him her aspect had caught its lustre – the light repeated in her eyes beamed first out of his.”
― Charlotte Brontë, Villette

The light…

The light that reflects

from the soul.

Is only a mirror of love

already bestowed.