Monthly Archives: April 2014

She missed…

She missed the moment

when Fate dropped in.

By over-thinking a future

that would never begin.


Her nose scrunched up…

Her nose scrunched up

as she laughed.

Every detail of her smile

forever embedded

inside his memory.


Wistful longing

after the sweet breath

of love’s first kiss.


Eyes that look back at me.

A mirror reflection.

Tasting the sweetness of youth

through my child’s perception.

Though life….

Though life passed quickly

the same fears remained.

Pre-determined patterns

that caused her pain.

Looking for a new direction

a safe place to land.

Letting go of the fears

to feel peace from within.


She sat at the

crossroad of life

too long.

Indecision held her

hostage to her

endless contemplation.

As she decided

to close her eyes

and blindly continue on.



Courage is coming out

from behind the shadow

of a broken heart.