Monthly Archives: May 2014

Her love…

Her love is given freely

leaving a small pain in her heart

for those that will never return it.



City lights…

City lights disappear

into the rear view mirror.

Driving into the unknown

with only the light

of the constellations.



Farmland stretched

across the rolling hills

touched with orange and gold colors

against the setting sun.


Unspoken words..

Unspoken words

linger in the air

creating a void

between them

and the feelings

that were once shared.


Honored by the memory…

Honored by the memory of

the love and life that

we once shared.


Her heart…

Her heart could

hear him whisper

all the confessions

of his soul.

She kept them

safe within her heart

and loved him even more.

Her life…

Her life intertwined

within all living things.

Bringing peace to her soul

as she admired nature’s beauty.