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Virtual Blog Tour

I was surprised  and honored when Neha of Forgotten Meadows nominated me to be a part of her Virtual Blog Tour.  I’ve been following her since she first started, her words are creative and her positive imagery inspires me.  If you have not checked her out, please visit her page and you will not leave disappointed.

Sometimes, an honest effort does not produce results.  Unfortunately, the bloggers I nominated were unable to accept.  The silver lining of this experience, opening my eyes to the fact that I have barely explored the WordPress world of poetry and the outstanding artists that surround me.  Below I posted the link to Neha’s Virtual Blog Tour which showcases some incredible talent.

On to the questions.

1.)  What am I working on?

I enjoy exploring different ways to express myself in poetry.  Someday, I would like to get into short stories but time seems to escape me and my train of thought is lost when it is interrupted.  I hope one day to have uninterrupted time to create my masterpiece. 🙂

2.)  How does my work differ from others of each genre?

I like to use as few words as possible to express my emotions and feelings.   I feel genuine emotion can get lost in too many words.

3.)  Why do I create what I do?

It’s a way to connect with others and share insights and emotions that otherwise would be

kept to myself.  Seeing other people’s perspective on the world is a humbling experience and poetry is a big part of that for me.

4.) How does your writing creative process work?

My process evolves around meditation.   Once, my mind is clear of all the clutter from the day I meditate to focus on being in the present.   I’ve found that I overlook a lot of things when I don’t concentrate on what is in the here and now.

Again, my apologies for not being able to find three additional blogger’s to feature.   However, wordpress is full of outstanding artists.   I plan on expanding my horizons a bit and adding more artists to my Reader.   Thanks again, Neha for featuring me and hope all of you will check out her work!


Lightning ushers in..

Lightning ushers in

the foreboding storm.

Threatening to overshadow

the farm fields

with each rumble of thunder.

Nothing was left…

Nothing was left

between the two lover’s.

After the heat of the moment

turned into the perfect storm.


Time seeps into

the corner’s of her heart.

Smoothing out the

edges of an unrequited love.

The broken heart…

The broken heart

tries to forget

those lingering words of love

that once promised hope.


Whispers in the wind…

Whispers in the wind

haunted by the heart

while memories play host

to the melancholy of life.

Blinded by his words…

Blinded by his words

she could not see

that his heart was not the person

he professed to be.