Monthly Archives: July 2014

She felt the darkness…

She felt the darkness of night

linger into the morning.

Casting a shadow

that follows her laugh

and her smile.


Sleep eluded…

Sleep eluded her

as visions of him haunted her

every time she closed her eyes.




Passionate minds…

Passionate minds

continuously create

using art to communicate.

Even if no one else can see

the small piece of the soul

embedded as poetry.


Some pathways lead…

Some pathways lead

to familiar signs

left in the crossroads

for someone to find.


Her life was a melody….

Her life was a melody of

emotions and pain

creating a symphony with her life

with the days that remain.


In Memory…

Rest in peace

dear old friend.

May your love

shine down

and rest upon our souls

comforting all who love you.


With an open heart…

With an open heart

emotion takes form

in the corner of the eye.

As a gentle breeze

rustles the leaves

of the cottonwood trees.