Monthly Archives: August 2014

Solitude can not be found…

Solitude can not be found

when your smile haunts

every corner of my mind.


For a fleeting moment…

For a fleeting moment

as she admired the beauty

of the mountains and pines

and the life around her.

Grace fell upon her soul

releasing her pain

and turning it into wisdom.



Some memories

can not be erased

from the broken-heart.

Leaving only patience

to slowly heal

the destruction left

by a lover.


Solitude was the only place

she could open her soul

and let her heart roam free.


The truth was held….

The truth was

held in her passion

as her eyes lit up

every time she saw him.

She could not hold….

She could not hold

the questioning gaze of his eyes.

Love was gone

and her heart had moved on.


Her dreams

anchored in delusions

making her reality

a little more tolerable.