Monthly Archives: June 2015


Darkness could

not consume

the beauty of the

blood-red moon.


You are the peace…

You are the peace

within the chaos of my thoughts.

Night can not eclipse….

Night can not eclipse

the beauty of dawn

on the summer solstice.


Irony was in the

sound of her laughter

hiding her pain

from those around her.

Morning dew…

Morning dew

fell upon her feet

as the sun began to rise

over the trees.

Her eyes began to mist

as her thoughts became clear

she could read her heart

in the cold morning air.

Her tears fell…

Her tears fell

watering the earth

flowers began to grow

about her feet.


Sun breaks

upon the horizon

Morning dew droplets

form on the leaves.

Nature awakens

to the sounds of

my footsteps

walking along

the old dirt path.