Monthly Archives: December 2015


He could see

the fragile beauty

that is

her dreams.



He saw her true beauty

through the cracks

within her heart.

Hiding behind every word…

Hiding behind every word

thoughts that lie

with dreams unheard.

Lord Byron

I SAW thee weep — the big bright tear

Came o’er that eye of blue;
And then methought it did appear
A violet dropping dew;

I saw thee smile — the sapphire’s blaze

Beside thee ceased to shine;
It could not match the living rays
That fill’d that glance of thine.
As clouds from yonder sun receive
A deep and mellow dye,
Which scarce the shade of coming eve
Can banish from the sky,
Those smiles unto the moodiest mind
Their own pure joy impart;
Their sunshine leaves a glow behind
That lightens o’er the heart.
Lord Byron

Her voice….

Her voice fell

upon deaf ears

distracted by the chaos

of the world.


Her mind can not forget

the passionate words

and the emptiness it left.

In the stillness…

In the stillness

of the night

tiny snowflakes

melt upon her red cheeks.