Monthly Archives: June 2016

Childish daydreams…

Childish daydreams

sketched in my heart.

Gives refuge to the soul

on a tempestuous night.



Her eyes fell…

Her eyes fell upon the place

seasons forgot

but her memories still breathe.


Averting her eyes…

Averting her eyes

she hopes none can see.

The imaginings of her heart

and where she longs to be.



All my dreams


in the silent void

of heartache

and tears.

Daylight hushes…

Daylight hushes

the dark murmurings of the soul.

Illuminating the heart

and giving new breaths

of hope.



A storm brews…

A storm brews

behind those blue eyes

takes me back

to another place and time.

Untamed heart…


Breathings of hope

the untamed heart.

Blinded by beauty.

Bound by regret.