Monthly Archives: December 2016


If only the chaos

of words in her head.

Could dictate the feelings

her heart left unsaid.



Looking out at the moon

her breath fogs the glass.

The darkness wanes

at the sun’s rebirth.


Sleepy eyes…

Sleepy eyes
look out frosty windows.
As northern winds
usher in the winter.

Imprint of love…

Imprint of love

emblazoned in the soul.

Tucked inside a memory

of unconditional love.

Chill in the wind…

Chill in the wind
under the midnight sky.
Chaos of day
calmed by a blanket of white.
Dreams of past
seem to fall away.
Lost in memories
of her childhood days.


Night creeps in

walls erase

The timid heart

passion awakes.


Some whispers

never leave

the confinement of the soul.

Forever replaying

each syllable and line.