Monthly Archives: February 2018

awkwardly she looks up….

Awkwardly she looks up

hoping he could not see.

Her restless heart

yearning to be free.


thoughts of you linger….

Thoughts of you linger
in every song that plays.
Pain in my heart deepens
I will always miss you.

time can not tame…

Time can not tame

the wild imaginings of

a restless heart.

Some hearts…

Some hearts

can never sever

the string that

ties their souls together.

Distance and time

will never fade

the memory of 

their lover’s face.


she could not escape….

She could not escape

the melancholy shadow

looking into his eyes.


her love…

Her love will never

see the light of day.

Secrets held deep

her love bound tight.

Never a clue

when he looks into her eyes.

Her Love becomes lost

in all the secrets she hides.



Her restless soul

forever to wander.

Dreams of love

may never find her.