feel the warmth of your skin….

Feel the warmth of your skin
your sighs with each breath.
Can’t remember the promises
I know nothing lasts.
Love hides in the shadows
our hearts play the game.
Two souls bound together
never to be the same.

taste of my tears…

Taste of my tears
left on your lips.
Broken heart
sealed with your kiss.


time can not erase….

Time can not erase
the memories of you 
woven deep into my heart.

Summer’s dusk

Summer’s dusk

envelopes the tears.

Fading away

all my hopes and fears.



Heavy eye lids
crickets sing
Dusk fades slowly
begin to dream


look deep….

Hold back the words
never to be heard.
Look deep into the soul
for a story left untold.


Music drowns….

Music drowns
my heart in memories.
For a brief second
I  still feel you near me.