some hearts….

Some hearts
never escape
childhood dreams
love’s first kiss
broken promises
love’s despair.
Holding onto the hope
you will always be there.




Time can never erase
the memories of you
that hold fast to my heart.


Let go my heart….

Let go my heart
of days gone past.
Scattered dreams
not meant to last.
Tears have dried
and love awaits
with no restraints
and no regrets.


Nature engulfs
the broken soul
healing the cracks.


My heart faded….

My heart faded

into an abyss.

When I saw you

kiss her lips.

Heart numb.

Tears run dry.

Waiting for daybreak.

Forever wondering why.

time could not erase…

Time could not erase
the scars
he left upon her heart.

the night comes fast….


The night
comes fast
and settles on the soul.
unleashes every
regret untold.
All hope is lost
until the dawn appears.
Shedding new light
and letting go of old fears.