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Stillness of the

midnight hour

calms the fears

of an unknown tomorrow.



Let go of the fears

that plague the mind

haunting the soul

in the darkest of times

waiting for the moment

the heart opens up

giving light to the shadows

that hide in the dark.

Her eyes opened…

Her eyes opened to a world

that had been hidden

behind her fears.

Her fears….

Her fears manifested

into the light of day.

Decimating her ego

of what she used to be.

Though life….

Though life passed quickly

the same fears remained.

Pre-determined patterns

that caused her pain.

Looking for a new direction

a safe place to land.

Letting go of the fears

to feel peace from within.

The heaviness of the silence..

The heaviness of the silence

fell around her.

With a deep breath

and eyes shut tight.

Calming her fears

and letting go of regrets.

Slowly opening her eyes

to what is left.

Holding tight to

a dream she can’t forget.



No one can open a portion of their heart

and keep everything in order.

Dreams are attached to secrets and fears.

One cannot exist without the other.