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Her life expressed…

Her life expressed

in a few chosen words

embodied in a poem

that few will hear.


Fiber of her heart….

Daydreams weave

into the fiber of her heart.

Creating beauty

she defines with her life.

Flecks of the ocean, earth and sky….

Flecks of the ocean, earth and sky

embedded in the

beauty of her soul.

Bringing together

all the breathings of life

to create an illusion

of the grandeur of love.


Her life…

Her life intertwined

within all living things.

Bringing peace to her soul

as she admired nature’s beauty.

Eyes open…

Eyes open but

still looked past

all the beauty of life

that surrounds each breath.

The Graduate…

Her excited smile

as she received her diploma.

Full of life and

endless expectations.

A journey begins

letting go of the innocence

to conquer the world

with her ideals and passion.

Though life….

Though life passed quickly

the same fears remained.

Pre-determined patterns

that caused her pain.

Looking for a new direction

a safe place to land.

Letting go of the fears

to feel peace from within.