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Some hearts…

Some hearts

can never sever

the string that

ties their souls together.

Distance and time

will never fade

the memory of 

their lover’s face.



her love…

Her love will never

see the light of day.

Secrets held deep

her love bound tight.

Never a clue

when he looks into her eyes.

Her Love becomes lost

in all the secrets she hides.



Her restless soul

forever to wander.

Dreams of love

may never find her.

cold northern…..

Cold northern wind
brushes against her cheek.
Diverting her eyes
his face
she can’t see.
Warmth of his breath
chills her to the bone.
Softly he whispers
his love is no more.


Midnight hour….

Midnight hour
all is calm.
Moon shines brightly
on each headstone.
Scent of roses
fill the air.
Lovers hide and
cowards fear.
Shadows dance
amidst the vines
that adorn each crypt
enveloped by time.
Whispers forgotten
linger in the wind.
Forever longing
to be together again.

night beckons…

Night beckons
my heart to be still.
Shadows come out
as time stands still.
Closing my eyes
the world quietly fades.
Into a dream
our souls embrace.

mind becomes numb….

Mind becomes numb
with the chaos of time.
Myriad of days
all blur into one.
Numbing the heart
trying to pretend.
That your eyes
do not awaken
the love from within.