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time can not erase….

Time can not erase
the memories of you 
woven deep into my heart.


Under the cloak of darkness
and the stillness of moon.
My restless soul drowns
in each memory of you.
Closing my eyes.
I try to forget.
That broken piece of my soul
you will never give back.

Her eyes fell…

Her eyes fell upon the place

seasons forgot

but her memories still breathe.


Evening hour…

Evening hour

slowly takes over.

Shadows dance

across the kitchen table.

Empty eyes

stare out the window.

Soapy hands rest

in dirty sink water.

Rustling leaves

and fresh cut grass

fill the breeze

of summer’s past.


Darkness dances

with the light of the moon.

As the soul wrestles till dawn

with haunted memories.

As time blurs….

As time blurs

memories distort.

The heart recalls

what the mind omits.



Time becomes obscured

as memories cast a shadow

upon her beating heart.