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Disguised in your smile;

hidden from all eyes.

Lost in a memory

your heart will never reveal.




The crisp autumn wind

could not deter

the words that haunt

the unforgiving memory.


She looked up at him.

Her eyes vulnerable.

Soaking in the picturesque scene

he will never forget her.

She extinguished…

She extinguished

the memory of him.

Only to find

that love

still lingered

within her heart.


He couldn’t recall…

He couldn’t recall the details

of how they met. 

He could

only see her eyes 

and remember the sweetness of her lips.



For rest he would not find

nor peace in his grave.

Nothing was left of him

except for the memory in her head.

One day she will come

and let the ocean swallow her up.

In the hopes she will find

peace with him in the abyss.



For a moment she feels lost

creating a memory.

Endlessly adding details

to capture the feeling.

Whether it is real or not

does not matter.

Her memory is her only

escape from her true reality.