Monthly Archives: December 2014

Careless words…

Careless words uttered

without a thought

destroyed the beauty

of an innocent heart.



Every detail she embedded

deep into her mind.

Hiding her true feelings

behind a sarcastic smile.

Pausing for a moment…

Pausing for a moment

looking away towards the sky

hiding the thoughts

that keep you up at night.

I held out my hand

and did not look away from

the beauty of your tenderness

hiding behind the pain.


Time could not release

the piece of her soul

that she gave only to him.

Winter’s night….

The crunch of the snow

beneath her feet

underneath the bridge

on a deserted street.

The wind cuts through

her thin coat.

Her heart yearns

to finally go home.


Behind each carefully chosen word

is a pathway

leading straight to the heart.

The pain he inflicted…

The pain he inflicted

shone in her eyes

creating a weight

within his heart.